Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stupid Political Conversations

Person 1: Why do you believe X?

Person 2: Well, for these reasons.

Person 1: You're so wrong! You're stupid and/or evil! You will never convince me to believe X!
Person 2: ...I wasn't trying to convince asked me.

Person 1: Premise A.
Person 2: No, premise B.
Person 1: No, premise A because of x,y,z reasons.
Person 2: No, premise B because of c,d,e reasons.
Person 1: Yeah, but you've gotta admit...premise A.
Person 2: I have to admit the very thing over which we're disagreeing? Good point. You win.
Person 1: I think we all know that premise A.
Person 2: So...what? We all secretly "know" your opinion, and we're just pretending to disagree to be difficult?
Person 1: If you think about it, premise A.
Person 2: Oh yes, if only I would think. All of your arguments are now logically sound, because you reminded me to think. Thank you.


  1. The "thank you" at the very end made me lol.

  2. Those stupid conservatives, always being so clearly brainwashed that I think we can all tell these convos came from annoying Republicans. It's like they can't even conceive of a contrary opinion to their conservative stupidity.

    1. Yeah, if you think about it, conservatives are basically always wrong. I think we all know that conservatives suck.

  3. Or in some cases.

    Person 1: Premise A.
    Person 2: Premise B.
    Person 1: No, Premise A because of x, y, z.
    Person 2: AAAGHGH RAR GOOBLA *mouth foaming rage*
    Person 1: uhhh...what?
    Person 2: Premise B.
    Person 1: >.O